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Welcome to SAMIDA

Sanga Mithra Development Association (SAMIDA) was formed during 2001 by few young like-minded, who were trained by Gandhi Peace Centre (GPC) on Gandhian thought and philosophy viz Gram Swaraj concept for rural development. Our chairman Mr P.Ramana was closely associated with Gandhi Peace Centre (GPC) as a SEDA volunteer at the time. We started working in villages by mobilizing youth and socially and economically marginalized sections of poor towards constructive rural development activities. After working for several years as volunteers at grassroots and gaining adequate experience in planning and implementing poverty alleviation programmes, we have initiated SAMIDA a voluntary organization to give an institutional back up to their endeavors. SAMIDA has been working extensively and arduously with rural communities ever since it was established and playing a pivotal role in evolving it as strong institution. This was the origin of the SAMIDA, which literally means in Telugu - serving ‘VULNERABLE’, and thus SAMIDA is committed for the amelioration of vulnerable communities living in the rural India and DEDICATED TO POOR.

Our Activities

"HIV/AIDs Prevention & Behavior change communication"

"Health Education & counseling"

"Out of school children mainstreaming"

"Livelihoods creation & enhancement"

"Sustainable Agriculture promotional activities"

"Awareness generation on MGNREGA"

"Awareness generation RTA & RTE"

"Water & sanitation"

"Child Labor eradication"

"Women & youth development activities"

"Environment protection"

"Providing skill trainings and employment opportunities to under privileged youth"

Our Vision

We see a society where there is a sustainable development, every human being living with dignity and equal opportunity

Our Mission

We reach our vision by empowering local communities for addressing their challenges, by promoting technology, imbibing the principles of natural resources management.

Organization Mandates

Better Health & Education for all our members
Livelihoods promotion through better use of natural Resources, financial and non-financial inputs